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To incorporate our local arts society and to obtain tax exempt status, a unique name or a name that had not already been chosen by another non-profit organization must be selected. Thus the title "Painted Rock Arts Society" was created. The Chattahoochee River flows thru each Valley town and this is symbolic of an arts society that has always striven for a variety of cultural events and happenings to bring pleasure and artistic enrichment to all Valley Citizens. The Miss Chattahoochee Valley / Miss Painted Rock Scholarship Pageants are two such organizations proudly sponsored by the "Painted Rock Arts Society".

Miss Chattahoochee Valley or "Miss Chatt" began in the spring of 1939. President Franklin Deleno Roosevelt happened to stop in for a 1 hour visit to the Valley area. ALL local schools and mills turned out in honor of his visit.

The Valley area is situated close to Warm Springs, Ga. This small town is the location of the Little White House, the summer-home of President Roosevelt.

Miss Chattahoochee Valley

"A Celebration of Tradition"


Dodge City, Starring Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, and Ann Sheridan was playing at all five Theaters!



J.C. Penney's "best" mans suits were $15.00 and straw hats were the "newest, coolest style."






In September of 1938, the Langdale 20th Century Club was formed. Eight months later they sponsored "The Social event of the Season" at the Sears Gym in Langdale. Area Ladies were recruited to model in an area wide fashion show. Admission was a whopping $.25. This fashion show/fund raiser evolved into the "Queen of the Water Carnival" or what we now commonly call "Miss Chatt."




The pageant idea originated in the spring of 1938 when "Hollywood Talent Scout", R.H. Thompson, held a special pageant at the Lanett Theater to choose his local Chattahoochee Valley Representative. The young lady chosen by Mr. Thompson was Miss Chatt 1938, Julia Stanfield. It is believed that "Miss Chatt" grew out of this Hollywood talent scout idea.



Julia Stanfield         
Miss Chatt 1938      

In the first pageants, which were held around the Langdale swimming pool and the ladies competed only in swimsuit competition. The winner of the event would reign over the water carnival activities that year.


"Miss Chatt" has a long distinguished history in our community and the entire community has always held the title in the highest esteem. The "Miss Chatt" title has traditionally been the most coveted position for young ladies between the ages of 17-24 in our community.


 1950 Miss Chatt hopefuls, poolside.

Ouida Dean Smith
Miss Chatt 1954

Geraline Howell Walker became the first "Miss Chatt" to represent the Valley area at the Miss Alabama Pageant in Birmingham. She stated, "It was so memorable staying in a suite at the Tutwiler and all of the extensive exciting."
"Miss Chattahoochee Valley 1957" Shown is the winner and candidates for the Miss Chatt contest held in Valley, Al. on June 15, 1955. From l-r are Patricia Vickers Miss Chatt 1956, Sue Jones - Miss Chatt 1957 and Claudette Sledge, 2nd runner up. In front is Donna Mason - Little Miss Chatt.
The Valley Jaycees joined in helping with the Miss Chatt Pageant for the next couple of years. Then, when the project become too large and too expensive for the 20th Century Club, the Valley Jaycees assumed the Miss Chatt Project at the request of the 20th Century Club. The Jaycees sponsored the pageant until 1991, when the Miss Chatt Committee was formed. It was in 1959 that the pageant became an official Miss Alabama/Miss America preliminary.


1954 Miss Chatt contestants

1955 Miss Chatt contestants at rehearsal

Miss Chatt 1956 Patricia Vickers Head and Little Miss Chatt 1956 Jane Knowles

The Valley Jaycees produced the Miss Chattahoochee Valley contest on June 19, 1965. Beth Hinkle, center, was selected by the judges to represent the Valley area in the Miss Alabama contest.

Second runner-up was Bootsie Fuller, left and third runner-up was Joella Hilderbrand, right.


1965 Miss Chatt Beth Hinkle Hendrix crowned by 1964 Miss Chatt, Ellen Draper. Also pictured far left is Miss Chatt 1962, Linda Smith Dollar.

Ann Haynes of Lafayette, Al was selected Miss Chatt in June of 1966. She is pictured with the late C. Jim Murphy, emcee of the contest for 15 years, along with Little Miss Chatt, Donna Kate Wiggins from Shawmut.

Shown on the stage of the Lanett High School auditorium, left to right are Jane Mize Murray, Sidney Wood and Anne Mize Murphy. This production number, "On a Wonderful Day Like Today", was produced for the 1966 Miss Chatt Pageant, directed by Sidney Wood of the Valley Jaycees. Jane is still an active board member of the Miss Chattahoochee Valley / Miss Painted Rock program today.


Former Miss Chatts at the 1972 Miss Chatt Pageant






Debbie Purifoy, Miss Chatt 1972 was an Alabama Cheerleader while in college. Interestingly enough, she is now their sponsor at the University. Shown with Debbie is Little Miss Chatt 1972 Tabitha Lewis Hudson Colley




1990 Miss Chatt contestants

Success....Through the Years

The Valley Jaycees continued their sponsorship of the Miss Chatt Pageant until they folded in 1992. At that time a committee of community minded individuals assumed the sponsorship of the pageant. In 1995, the pageant was held as an "open" preliminary for the first time. This gave any young lady in the state of Alabama that met all the requirements, the opportunity of becoming "Miss Chatt". In 1997, the Miss Chatt Committee was joined by the Painted Rock Arts Society and they have sponsored the Pageant ever since. While there are many highlights of the "Miss Chatt" History, a few years seem to outshine the others.


Linda Smith Dollar
Miss Chatt 1962

Linda placed in the top 10 at Miss Alabama in 1962.

Susan Akin Gray
Miss Chatt 1970

Susan placed 3rd runner-up in the
 Miss Alabama Pageant.



Julie Elmore LaFond
Miss Chatt 1988

Julie won a non-finalist talent award at the Miss Alabama Pageant.

Jacinda Carlisle
Miss Chatt 1992

Jacinda was the first African-American Miss Chatt. She also was a future top 10 placement at Miss Alabama.


LaShandra Banks
Miss Chatt 1993

LaShandra was a Top 10 semi-finalist at Miss Alabama.



Libby Langford
Miss Chatt 2001

Libbi won a Talent Preliminary at Miss Alabama.

Meredith Hawkins Kelton
Miss Chatt 2002

Meredith won a non-finalist talent
award at Miss Alabama.

Teel Yarbrough Traylor
Miss Chatt 2004

Teel won a non-finalist Talent Award at Miss Alabama.



Courtney Porter
Miss Chatt 2009

Courtney placed 3rd runner up and was Miss congeniality at the 2009 Miss Alabama pageant.

Taylor Yates
Miss Chatt 2010

Taylor placed 3rd runner up, Community Service Finalist, and Preliminary Swimsuit Winner at the 2010 Miss Alabama pageant.


We've had 3 Reunions.......

Miss Chatt Reunion 1986!

Miss Chatt Reunion 1998!

Miss Chatt Reunion 2008!


And then there was Julie......

Julie proved to be an outstanding Miss Alabama. She made over 200 appearances throughout the State.

Julie Smith, crowned our 60th Miss Chattahoochee Valley was our 1st Miss Alabama. Julie went on to place in the top 10 at Miss America in Atlantic City.

Julie was a double preliminary winner at Miss Alabama winning both Swimsuit and Talent.

Pictured above is Julie arriving in Atlantic City seated next to Heather French (on right),Miss Kentucky who was later crowned Miss America.

Visit the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking on the pink ribbon.

Julie also placed 2nd runner-up to the Miss America Quality of Life Award rewarding her platform effort for Breast Cancer Awareness and research.

Pictured above is Julie's shoe for the "Show Me Your Shoes Parade" which is held on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ.

Right, Julie is in the famous Miss America "Show Me Your Shoes" Parade on the boardwalk.

Julie truly made an impression on the people of the Chattahoochee Valley. One visitor to our town was so impressed with her that he wrote about her via an email to our website. His commentary was about her participation in the Hike/Bike/Run event that "Miss Chatt" always helped host. He remembered her well as "Miss Chatt", however, he could not figure out what happened to the "ahoochee" part.

Miss Chattahoochee Valley

After 75 years of Tradition, we wonder what the future will hold for this Chattahoochee Valley institution. We are so proud to be the 2nd oldest preliminary in the state. The future of the Miss Chattahoochee Valley / Miss Painted Rock program, just like in the past, is in the hands of the wonderful Greater Valley area community.

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